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Welcome to DOCU-TECH Document Services

Free Pick Up and Delivery                 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


     DOCU-TECH is a full service copy duplication company that can make your job much easier. It's no secret that there are a lot of choices for document duplications. At DOCU-TECH, we set ourselves from all the rest with our commitment to high-quality service completed on time and at a low cost to you. We serve the Greater Chicagoland area and all of Northwest Indiana. Your documents are handled in a secure facility and we offer 24/7 service with NO pick-up or delivery charges within our delivery area.

     Let DOCU-TECH prove to you what hundreds of our current clients continue to experience everyday...that we really do offer unparalleled service coupled with the best quality duplications at remarkably low prices.

DOCU-TECH DOCU-TECH Document Services Include:
  • High Volume Litigation Copying
  • Trial Exhibit Services (Including Accident & Malpractice Recreations)
  • Audio / Video Reproduction
  • Large Format Copying
  • Color Laser Copies
  • Bates Labeling
  • Electronic Data Discovery and Database Creation
  • On Site Litigation Copying
  • X-Ray Duplication
  • Binding Services
  • Scanning & Imaging Services
  • Document Shredding

Legal Documents are Our Business

Docu-Tech wants to prove to you what hundreds of our clients continue to experience...that we really do offer unparalleled service matched with quality duplication at remarkability low prices. You can contact us by calling (312) 656-3188, (219) 769-7115 or Toll Free (800) 950-2503.

100% Price and Quality Guarantee

No one will beat our prices. We guarantee it. If by chance you find a lower price on a duplication job, we will match it and give you 100% of the price difference. No one beats Docu-Tech for quality, service and price

Our Location
Merrillville Location

1577 East 93rd Ave
Merrillville Indiana, 46410
Phone: (219) 769-7115
Fax: (219) 769-2773
Digital Imaging: (312) 656-3188
24/7 Toll Free: (800) 950-2503